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Parques y naturaleza en Sicily

“The Reserve is stunning both in summer and winter. Bird watching, snorkeling in the rocky side of the beach, hiking or just have the best swim in the best water!”
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“Situated between Scopello and San Vito lo Capo it was supposed to be a national road but luckily it did not happen and it was created a natural reserve. A true paradise rich in Mediterranean macchia, flora and small fauna. Don't miss the wild white sandy beaches, know as Calette. Recommend for hiking and nature lovers.”
Recomendado por 199 habitantes locales
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“A beautiful place, savage, pristine nature! It's better to go there in spring or in autumn, the walk is a little bit hard when it's hot weather.”
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“Definitely a must-see when you're in Catania. We have the in with a great tour company. Just ask, we can hook you up.”
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“Ortigia is the ancient part of Syracuse, it's an island, but merged with the town through two bridges. Many ages stay in this island... Greek period, Roman period, Medieval period, Baroque period... A wonderful place to see... A few minutes walking from home!”
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“ this is the reason I suggest you to go there. I suggest you, to book the experience with him.”
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“Etna is great for hiking and viewing the volcano, and there are restaurants too. Skiing is possible in the winter. Go properly equipped with boots and warm clothes even in summertime! ”
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“In the nature reserve of Vendicari Noto (Sr), we find the pristine beach of Cala Flies. It 'a little gem brightly colored and very clear water. Suitable for a trip out of town to get.”
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“Un posto meno affollato dove fare il bagno all'interno della riserva naturale. A less crowded place to swim in the nature reserve.”
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Ski Lodge
“There are many ways to experience Mt ETNA . Get by you car at Rifugio Sapienza on the south east slopes of the volcano , up to 2000 mt from sea level. If you wish to continue further cable car and Unimog are available. ”
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“it's not just a touristic place, it's also where all palermitani go during weekends.”
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“Per passeggiate romantiche, jogging, pic nic, respirare aria pura, giocare, far volare l'aquilone... #For romantic walks, jogging, picnics, breathing pure air, play, flying the kite ...”
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“Beautiful Garden, 5 min walk from the apartment. A quiet place where you can have an ice cream, read and relax.”
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“Located at only 15 min. from Trapani this reserve is a true hidden gem for hikers. Flowers, small fauna and vegetation make this place amazing especially during the Spring. Halfway enjoy a swim at the old tonnara where are still some building and remote accommodation. ”
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“This is italy's oldest tuna factory, set by the water, famous for it's beautiful old building ^ turquoise crystal clear waters for swimming.”
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“A beautiful park located only meters from the apartment. Great for relaxing or going for a run.”
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