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Top recommendations from locals

“Awesome building and surroundings, diverse exhibitions, fun for kids too, and a great café! ”
  • Recomendado por 25 personas locales
Sitio histórico
“The underground tunnels of the Bock are a great way to learn about the history of Luxembourg (city and country) and you can enjoy a stunning view over the valley of the Grund! ”
  • Recomendado por 22 personas locales
General Travel
“This shopping mall has a large supermarket as well as many other shops and restaurants. ”
  • Recomendado por 7 personas locales
“Der Palast der großherzoglichen Familie. The Palace of the Grand duke of Luxembourg.”
  • Recomendado por 9 personas locales
“Nice parc with a pond and a big playground, perfect if you have small children or just want to read a book under a tree or in the sun.”
  • Recomendado por 6 personas locales
Salón de conciertos
“World class concert hall with a packed programme of events. Definitely worth checking out. The attached bar and restaurant Tempo is a must too! Delicious dishes, drinks, and decor. ”
  • Recomendado por 6 personas locales
“English pub modern style, for english football league games. 1 st floor for cocktails”
  • Recomendado por 15 personas locales
Place to eat
“In the historic center of town, you'll find at Konrad's a nordic artistic inspired atmosphere with a quick dish or drink and especially for the eclectic vibe :-)”
  • Recomendado por 20 personas locales
Centro de artes escénicas
“Cool place with nice terrace for brunch, lunch or last sun shine, bio burgers, bar and almost every day live music. One of the most IN places in town”
  • Recomendado por 7 personas locales
“This is the national Museum for History and Art. It is located in the historic city center. Whereas the architecture is modern there are historical domed rooms in it's floors under ground. Especially the huge roman mosaic is a must see!”
  • Recomendado por 6 personas locales
Sitio histórico
“Underground defence works, built during the Spanish, French and Austrian dominations.”
  • Recomendado por 6 personas locales
Espacio para eventos
“A beautiful historical building and cultural centre in the heart of the Grund with exhibitions, a performance space and large courtyard with many festivals during summer. Lovely to visit or just wander around, along the fortress walls, by the river... See if you can find Melusina the Mermaid! ”
  • Recomendado por 6 personas locales
“it's brunch time... food and drinks all day long. It was the former café of a TV- comedy serial.”
  • Recomendado por 17 personas locales
Place to shop
“This cute small cinema is located in a former car garage and shows an excellent selection of European art house cinema (no blockbusters).”
  • Recomendado por 10 personas locales
“The "gëlle Fra" (golden lady) is the Luxembourgish national monument."It was built in 1920 in the honour of the Lux. soldiers that died with the French forces in WW1. In WW2, Nazi Germany occupied the country and tore it down. Lost for decades, the sculpture was found in 1981 under the main stand of the national football stadium and put back in its original place. In 2010, it was exhibited in the Expo 2010 in Shanghai.”
  • Recomendado por 5 personas locales
“It's an expensive upscale place with good food, wines and party spirit. You can only access there by car. Dress code is strict and entry will only be allowed if you suit up. Parking is likely to be full on weekends but you can park for free on the street.”
  • Recomendado por 6 personas locales