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Descubre Knox County

“It has a beautiful walk along the river. It has a quarry with pretty water. ”
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“Gorgeous renovated historic downtown theatre that books every musical genre”
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“Market Square is in the heart of downtown Knoxville. Every Saturday during the spring, summer, and autumn (from about 8am-noon) there are vendors from around the Knoxville area selling goods, crafts, veggies, flowers, pastries and lots more. There are also numerous restaurants that surround Market Square.”
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Galería de arte
“Free killer art museum with gorgeous view of World's Fair Park. Its worth a visit. They've got a cool kids area up front.”
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“Go up to the top level of the Sunsphere to see a Birdseye view of Knoxville. Best part: it’s free!”
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“Always something happening on the Square shopping,eating,partying parks, historical buildings”
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“This is still one of my favorite burger joints in town for two reasons: 1. They offer an impressive selection of burgers; and 2. They execute their recipes well. And I’ll add a third reason; 3. They have the right bourbon or beer to accompany any burger. Or would that be four reasons? Don’t overlook the appetizers, though. Their pan-seared feta with honey drizzle on a baguette is delish, and the Duck Fat Fries are indulgently good. The burgers — which are generally served up as a towering behemoth of beef (but not always), bun and toppings — include The Steakhouse (topped with A1 sauce, crispy onions and sautéed mushrooms) and The Elvis, beef topped with peanut butter, fried banana and Benton’s bacon. It’s the kind of burger that makes adventurous burger lovers say, “Thank you… Thank you very much…””
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Centro comercial
“One of my favorite things to do (when I get the rare day off) is head over to West Town Mall for some shopping and a delicious caramel apple from "Chocolate Monkey" inside the mall. There are TONS of restaurants surrounding the area. Too many to even begin to suggest and share. Yet, Cheesecake Factory is attached to the mall and Cinnebar (a true dining experience within the movie theater in the mall). Forgot your makeup on vacation?! Yep...been there and I've definitely done that more times than I care to admit. Drive just a few minutes away to restock at the Dior, Chanel, MAC, Bare Minerals, Sephora, get my point. They've got the goods. I moved to Knoxville & didn't realize that there was a MAC here! I was so sad at first and then found a counter in the Women's Belk at the mall! Ran out of juice?! Our mall also has an Apple Store located within which has also come in handy many times when some of our bookings have "forgot" their laptop chargers, etc! You don't need an excuse for a rainy day. Enjoy just walking around, grabbing some great food, or pop into the movies there for a wonderful experience. Oh! When you buy popcorn at the movies there, it's bottomless. Enjoy it from your recliner with a cold beer.”
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“Knoxville Zoo has created some interesting spaces for kids to learn and enjoy animals. ”
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“This coffee shop is actually in Knoxville, which is about 30-40 minutes away from Pigeon Forge, but if you plan on going anyways, you have to stop by our favorite coffee shop! Kbrew opened a few years ago and quickly became a local favorite.”
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Lugar de sándwiches
“I love their Southwestern salad and blue chips and hummus. It is a fun place to sit outside and watch the people go by on Market Square.”
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“A few short miles from the cottage, it's great for football games, basketball, arena performances etc.”
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“Great pizza and great place to watch the game or see a great band at night.”
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“The Old City in downtown Knoxville is the place to go for late night fun. There are many bars, clubs, restaurants, and fun things to do. ”
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“My favorite Calhouns restaurant of all! You can’t beat the atmosphere! Food is tasty too! It’s located in downtown off Neyland Drive ON the river, adjacent to the University of TENNESSEE. They have a full glass dining room overlooking the water and in summer when temperatures are warm, the outside patio is a dining option with nightly live music. ”
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Restaurante de sushi
“Best Sushi in Knoxville. Located downtown. 1/2 price sushi on Monday and Thursday.”
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