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Transporte público en Kaohsiung City

Sitio histórico
“it's just 450m from the room! really nice historic place to go and get some traditional food around there! sometimes, there are some performances at night as well!”
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Place to eat
“beat night market in kaohsiung,you can find all kind of food here,and have many special handicrafts. Suggest visit time 7 PM~10PM ”
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Place to eat
“Liuhe Night Market (六合观光夜市) is located downtown and is a famous must go Taiwan night market focusing especially on street food. From my AIRBNB it can be reached by taking the train from Neiwei Station to Kaohsiung Main station and swapping to MRT red line, alighting at Formosa Boulevard MRT stop. While at Formosa Boulevard MRT stop, look up to enjoy the interior "Dome of Light" fittings before following the signs to walk a few mins to the night market. Enjoy fresh papaya milk, almond milk, sugar cane juice, barbecued squid and dare to try the stir fried snake meat and soup (look for the snake stand), Open everyday from 6:00pm til late.”
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Place to shop
“Hayashi was Tainan's first department store and Taiwan's second, when it opened in 1932. This art-deco department store has been beautifully restored. Do go inside just to ascend the sweeping staircase, peer through geometrical window openings, and have a ride on one of Taiwan's first electric lift with dial floor indicator. There's a viewing deck on the top floor where you'll find a Shinto shrine and evidence of the damage it suffered during the war.”
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“國立台灣文學館館舍是一座擁有百年歷史的國定古蹟,前身為日治時期台南州廳,落成於1916年,戰後曾為空戰供應司令部、台南市政府所用。因經歷不同單位與不同時期使用,致使本建築許多構造因戰爭或年久失修而毀損。在歷任文建會(今文化部)主委的擘畫與支持下,迭經國立文化資產保存研究中心籌備處兩任主任及同仁之努力,自1997年開始進行修復整建工程,至2003年修築成為地上二層、地下三層之建築,面貌煥然一新。2003年10月17日,遙念蔣渭水等先賢成立「台灣文化協會」之精神,「國立台灣文學館」選定此日正式開館營運。 國立台灣文學館為我國第一座國家級的文學博物館,除蒐藏、保存、研究的功能外,更將透過展覽、活動、推廣教育等方式,使文學親近民眾,帶動文化發展。本館另設有文學圖書閱覽區、兒童文學書房等空間,提供多元化服務。”
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“Arts exhibition, local food and old buildings here. You’ll experience a different sightseeing of Kaohsiung.”
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“You can see the huge cargo and cruise ship into and out from Kaohsiung, and it also has the most beautiful sunset spot here in Taiwan.”
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Sitio histórico
“The center of any visit to Anping is the old fort. Anping Fort is built on the foundations of the Dutch stronghold named Fort Zeelandia. ”
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Night Market
“台南最大的夜市,吃得玩得應有盡有,也設有停車場 Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays; Haian Road, Section 3, between Lixian Rd. and Hewei Rd., North District. This is the largest night market in Tainan, and the largest fully-outdoor night market in Taiwan. Ample parking is provided here. ”
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Sitio histórico
“延平老街,也就是安平老街,又稱台灣街或石板街。位在安平古堡東側,是三百年前荷蘭人在安平所建的第一條街道,因此又稱台灣第一街。延平老街以傳統製法蜜餞、古早味玩具及糖果等等著名,因為近年來觀光盛行,現在老街內店家大多賣紀念商品,假日兩旁攤販林立,就像是白天的花園夜市。 老街內建築有土角厝、紅磚矮屋、西式洋樓,還有夾雜著一些現代的鋼筋水泥建築。洋樓大多市白粉牆或洗石子面牆,欄杆、柱頭或屋簷上飾以手工精緻的浮雕。建議可到中興街和效忠街逛逛,追尋老街風華。 English Introduction: Anping street which is right next to Anping Fort is the first road Dutch people constructed about three hundred years ago, also being called '' the first street in Taiwan.”
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Public Art
“Art center, artists, sculptures, small shops during the night selling fashionable clothes and hipster stuff.”
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Point of Interest
“台南市海安路的藍晒圖, 曾經讓人驚艷於藍晒圖竟然可以應用在公共藝術上。 後來海安路的藍晒圖被刷掉了, 台南市文化局邀請建築師劉國滄在西門路利用司法舊宿舍製作成立體的藍晒圖, 不僅讓藍晒圖復活, 還變成實體可以走入的空間, 增加與遊客的互動性。 園區有著一些文創商品, 也有許多有趣的彩繪, 每進一出都能發現新風景。 來到台南市區別忘了來這走走踏踏! ”
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“It's one of the oldest congregation in Tainan. It has been revised to a posh artsy area full of cafes, bakeries, restaurants, arts and craft stores. It will be a nice and relaxing stroll. ”
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Night Market
“墾丁大街是自「墾丁國家公園森林遊樂區牌樓」到「墾丁凱撒大飯店」之間的「墾丁路」。這段短短不到兩公里的「墾丁路」每到夜晚就會搖身一變成為熱鬧繁華的「墾丁大街」,同時也把墾丁的夜晚點綴成一片繽紛,目前已是來墾丁遊玩的遊客夜晚必逛的景點。來到墾丁遊玩,千萬別錯過這個獨一無二的墾丁夜生活! ”
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Sitio histórico
“The remnants of an old salt storage facility that was abandoned for 60 years and overrun with Banyan trees. The constructed walkways allow for interesting views over the canal, and there is a cafe, gift shop and toilets on site.”
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“Very famous sights, surrounded by many temples. casually walk around pound, walk into temple to ask the gods for an oracle. ”
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