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Transporte público en Hua Hin

Tienda de ropa
“Great Shopping Mall + Variety Of Restaurants 800 Meters From The Property.”
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Place to eat
“No matter how much upscale shopping you do in Thailand, nothing beats the authentic feel of a local night market—a chance to soak up the atmosphere and experience real Thai market culture. Night markets often have no rhyme or reason in Thailand—and Hua Hin's night market is no exception. Here, you'll find arts and crafts next to cheap snacks (don't be too shocked at the deep-fried insect snacks for sale) and stalls offering apparel. ”
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Place to shop
“Not just a themed open-air mall, Plearn Wan feels more like a living museum where you can experience a slice of life in 1950s Hua Hin. Plern Wan’s two-storey courtyard-style building, an architectural statement in itself, houses a community of period-style shops selling everything from liquor, inexpensive plastic-and-tin toys, snacks as well as a beauty salon, photo studio, outdoor cinema screen and a 20-room guesthouse or ‘Piman Plern Wan. From the main street, Plern Wan’s curious looking entrance – a giant structure fashioned from reclaimed wooden planks – is hard to miss. Stepping through the small opening (compared to the wooden structure) is like stepping into a time machine – suddenly, you find yourself surrounded by all things vintage. When it’s crowded, usually at night, the festive atmosphere resembles that of a well-organised temple fair from decades ago. Food is the main highlight at Plearn Wan. But other than the usual pad thai or grilled meat skewers, you will find a good mix of old and new. Hard-to-find snacks, such as 'tong muan sod' (sweetened pancake) and 'ka lor jee' (similar to Japanese mochi), are cooked up by order at one of the hawker carts lining the walkway along with typical fare such as noodles and barbecued pork over rice. And if you are a fan of Thai sweets, you will find a myriad of mouthwatering recipes here, from mango sticky rice to grass jelly with shaved ice and preserved fruits in sweetened syrup. Besides hopping from one food cart to the next, shopping is another favourite pastime for visitors to Plern Wan. The collection of one-off souvenirs, toys, clothing, fashion accessories and even a shop selling various kinds of 'nam prik' (chili paste) is quite impressive – even if you don’t buy anything, it makes for quite a pleasurable look around. Living up to its name (Plern Wan means the ‘joy of yesteryear’), Plern Wan has a fairground complete with a Ferris wheel, game booths and an outdoor cinema where screenings take place on weekend evenings. For those who can’t have enough of Plern Wan in a single day, check in to Piman Plern Wan, the boutique guesthouse located on the second floor. All rooms are individually decked out in a delightful period style, but they are not cheap and can be noisy during peak season (as the shopping and dining zones are right underneath it). Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00 (Mon-Thurs), 10:00 – midnight (Fri), 09:00 – midnight (Sat), 09:00 – 22:00 (Sun) Location: Phetkasem Road (between Hua Hin Sois 38 and 40)”
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“Seenspace Hua Hin is the first ever beachfront shopping mall and eatery in Thailand. Seenspace is Hua Hin’s premier destination for a laid-back vibe that combines the philosophy Eat, Play, Stay, Relax with a chill environment that all can enjoy. Come and enjoy shopping at multi-brand fashion stores, exclusive pool bars, live music, restaurants offering a variety of food and drinks”
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Place to eat
“We always enjoy a visit to this great night market that's open six nights a week ( closed Tuesdays). The market is medium sized but has a good range of stalls selling items at very fair prices. The general atmosphere is very relaxed and you can browse without feeling obliged to make a purchase. Around the outside of the market there is a good range of inexpensive food stalls and at the top end there are a small number of covered stalls, restaurants and cafes. Our favourite stall is the crepe maker at the entrance to the market ( near the Hua Hin Road). There is live music some evenings too. Well worth a visit even if just for a short while!”
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“Baan Silapin, or Artists’ Home, is the brainchild of Thawee Kaesangarm, chairman of Hua Hin’s artist club. This gallery complex exhibits works from Thailand’s artists all year round as well as offering various art courses for children and those who wish to take their love of art to the next level. Set in a picturesque location overlooking Hin Lek Fai Moutain, Baan Silapin complex contains an art gallery, art studios, classrooms and mud house displaying ceramic art and sculptures. There’s nothing formal or rigid about this place. Its founding philosophy, as a gathering and work place for local artists, fills Baan Silapin with warmth and liveliness ”
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“Hua Hin beach may be growded at high season weekends but it is always worth for visit. White sand and palm trees!”
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“The current monarch King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikitt now both mainly reside at their summer palace in Hua Hin. Known as Klaikangwon Palace, meaning "far from worries", this residence is only accessable by invitation and there is an exclusion zone around it that stretches out to sea. It was built in Spanish style architecture in 1929 and the gardens are beautifully manicured and full of art from Java.”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“This large Super market has large selection of Thai and international foods products. It is locate in lager shopping mall with many foods outlet as well as many shops.”
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“One of my favorites restaurant. Nice seafood and many dishes becomes Huahin favorites.”
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“Go to Hilton and take the elevator to the top floor. Then you arrive to White Lotus restaurant and bar. They have very nice drinks and a wonderful view over Hua Hin. ”
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“Cheap and authentic Thai dishes, the main point is that you can eat shrimp that can swim!”
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Centro comercial
“shopping and restaurant supermarket and movie theatre ( access by green bus)”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Tesco has a big grocery stall, you can take the local bus for 10 or 15 Baht.”
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“This is simply a wonderful activity especially with young children in tow. This charity takes in abused and sick elephants and brings them back to life in a natural habitat. Despite the picture here, rides are no longer allowed since it is known they damage the elephant's back. But instead, for a small fee (all of which goes straight to the care of the elephants) you can take a short walk alongside one of these gorgeous creatures, hose it down and feed it bananas while a volunteer guide tells you all you ever need to know. Just a 7-minute drive away, you can either drive yourself or take a tuktuk. Highly recommended.”
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