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Transporte público en Heidelberg

“From Heidelberg Castle you can see one of the best views of Heidelberg. Make sure to check out for events that take place there! ”
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“The Philosopher's way is popular among tourists and locals alike. It is a great little hike in nature offering a great view of the city.”
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“Bring a picnic, a frisbee, and some friends and the rest of Heidelberg will do the same”
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Natural Feature
“ If you are in heidelberg for the first time, the king chair is a "MUST". From here you can see all the beauty of Heidelberg at a glance. The sight is as unique as romantic. @ allcouples ;-) We find it personally at dusk most beautiful there!”
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“Animal park with enclosures for global species including elephants, tigers, gorillas & sea lions.”
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“Almost all trams and buses go through this station. It could be said that this is the most central point in Heidelberg.”
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Natural Feature
“The Thingstätte is a very beloved place for tourists and should be part of your "to-do" list once you arrive in Heidelberg. As specially for all walker and family trips it is a great destination! ”
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“Looking for some night life? This is the place where to go! You can find a bar/pub/disco in every corner”
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“The main shopping street in Heidelberg. Best access from Altstadt or Bismarckplatz”
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“A former prison for students. While they were arrested they painted the walls.”
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Place to eat
“In former times a railroad depot it is used today as concert and event location with a restaurant, a club and two concert halls.”
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“Nice bar just downstairs. It is always crowded either for a coffee and chat during the day or for a beer in the evening.”
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“Take the Tram 5 to "Dossenheim Bahnhof Süd" and walk down the Street called Friedrichstraße.”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“A low budget supermarket which has few organic products, also fuits and vegetables, here you can buy the capsules for the coffee maker”
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“In earlier times this was the Heidelberg stable, today it is a beautifully designed restaurant in the art nouveau style. Tip: You can drink your coffee at the bar at a reduced rate. Best brunch in town. You have to make a reservation.”
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