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Transporte público en Haifa

“World Famous Bahai Gardens and Temple is about 25 minute drive from here. There's a beautiful street at the base of the in the German Colony with many resturants. ”
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“Ben Gurion Blvd is one of the most beautiful places in Israel. you can enjoy a great selection of Cafes and restaurants. and enjoy a direct view to the Bahai Gerdens. The Recommended Cafe is Fattoush. a great place with a great atmosphere and a nice variety of local dishes. for a cheaper and more authentic option. nearby you can visit "Mama Pita". they serve a very tasty arabian style Pizza/Pita. when you are at Mama Pita make sure you try the chicken Pita and the Pizza Meshuperet.”
Recomendado por 29 habitantes locales
“The trendiest Street I Haifa. A place to get food vibes, good food and shop for essentials. ”
Recomendado por 14 habitantes locales
Museo de arte
“The Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art showcases an extensive variety of approximately 7,000 contemporary and traditional Japanese art, including paintings and prints, antique decorated books, room dividers, antique swards, and various art objects. The museum, which is nestled on the crest of Mount Carmel, is completely dedicated to Japanese culture and the collection, preservation, and exhibition of Japanese art, and is the only one of its kind in the Middle East. The Tikotin Museum of Japanese Arte was established in 1959. The museum exhibits traditional and contemporary art, and introduces us to Japanese art and culture. The museum We invite you to visit and meet Japan’s fascinating culture.”
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“ The Stella Maris monastery in the Stella Maris neighborhood of Haifa is a Carmelite men's monastery and serves as the world's center for the Order. The three-story building was built as a wall with small openings, due to the need to defend itself against the harassment that had been the bread of its day. The shape of the building was square and in its eastern part was a large inner courtyard.”
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“here you can get a taste of the old arab architecture of Haifa. churches. markets. great food and wonderful falafel at "falafel hazkenim/Najla" make sure you taste it :) for local sweets make sure you visit Abd al-Hadi Sweets and try their Kanafeh. a traditional Middle Eastern dessert. It is Recommended to Visit Wadi Nisnas only during the day time. at night everything is closed and there's not much to do there. also, on Sunday. most places in Wadi Nisnas are closed. ”
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Centro comercial
“Large and has a lot to offer. If you come with your kids and want to spend indoors. This will be a great place.”
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“Furthermore being a famous all over the world technical university, Technion campus is also a very good park with fresh air for calm walks. ”
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“If you walk to the right of the "Aneviim" or "Masada" stations, you will arrive to Hertzel street, which is the main commercial street of Haifa, the city center. ”
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“"Israel national museum of science technology and space" the astronomy exhibition exhibit now. from time to time exhibition are changing. a very very recomended museum, also for kids.”
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Museo de arte
“'Dangerous Art' - 80 Israeli and International leading artists participate in this cluster of exhibitions. 10:00-16:00”
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Restaurante especializado en carnes
“One of the top 3 restaurants in Haifa. A bit far out, but a great place to enjoy a meal! 50 min drive”
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“Flea market - if you like to search unique authentic stuff this is the place for you”
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“Hecht Park is the largest stretch of greenery within the urban area of the City of Haifa. Hecht Park spans an area of 75 dunams. The park uniqueness is its multifaceted construction, offering an array of activities for children and adults. The playground built next to the southern parking lot sports brand new equipment including swings, climbing facilities, and the always popular "Omega" pulley allowing kids to slide midair along the beach. Near the playground there is a beautiful grassy field for picnics. For adults, there is workout equipment. Natural pathways allow for walking, running and hiking along a 3-kilometer perimeter. also biking lanes and skate park. with beautiful beach view!!”
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“Besides the animals, the zoo' grounds contain a botanical garden, a library, the prehistoric museum and a biology institute. The zoo contains more than one hundred types of animals, some rare, reptiles, birds and mammals, amounting to a total some 350 creatures. Alongside traditional zoo animals such as tiger, bear, wolf, hyena, apes and grass eaters, viewers can also enjoy the impressive variety of native and international snakes and reptiles seen in an air conditioned reptile aquarium, which consists of display spaces designed to fit the animals' natural living habitat. One of the new attractions is a children's petting zoo. Its overall area is estimated at roughly 30 dunams. p: 04-8372390”
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“Haifa university - Good starting place for Mt. Carmel hiking (and great view of Israel's northern part from the 30th floor)”
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