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Descubre La Habana

“Learn the history of Cuban Revolution. The museum's exhibits are largely devoted to the period of the revolutionary war of the 1950s and to the country's post-1959 history. ”
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Bar de cocteles
“This was one of Hemingway’s favorite bars and his place of choice to sip a mojito ($4).”
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Restaurante cubano
“Ernest Hemingway lived outside Havana for twenty years, and naturally got much of the inspiration for his novels from the city—more specifically, from its bars. El Floridita, Dos Hermanos and La Bodeguita del Medio were Hemingway’s favorite bars when he lived there, and today they can be visited just like any other bar. Watch out though, as a few of them have turned into tourist traps. La Bodeguita was my favorite Hemingway-approved watering hole and still retains much of the subdued, authentic atmosphere you’d expect Hemingway probably loved. They have live salsa music, and also make a mean mojito, which never hurts.”
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“Gran Teatro de La Habana is a theater in Havana, Cuba, home to the Cuban National Ballet. It was designed by the Belgian architect Paul Belau and built by Purdy and Henderson, Engineers in 1914 at the site of the former Teatro Tacón. Its construction was paid for by the Galician immigrants of Havana to serve as a their community-social center. Located in the Paseo del Prado, its facilities include theatres, a concert hall, conference rooms, a video screening room, as well as an art gallery, a choral center and several rehearsal halls for dance companies. It hosts the International Ballet Festival of Havana every two years since 1960.”
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“Cuban and international arts!!! unique pieces from great masters to the most contemporary artists!!”
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“It’s one of the most photographed spots in Havana and also the stage for official gala dinners and cultural presentations. ”
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“Very famous and beautiful Plaza, near to a lot of interesting things in the city.”
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“ This really is the place to go if you want to see the very best Cuban salsa bands. The Galiano venue quickly gained a reputation as the best venue for salsa after its opening in 2003. There is much more space in the Galiano venue than its slightly posher twin in Miramar which allows you to bar perch if you want to take a break from the dance floor. When the big bands play, covers go up dramatically but the frantic energy and packed venues make it worthwhile and an experience to remember. Less popular bands struggle to fill up the venue so it’s worth checking to see who’s playing.”
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“Completed in 1877 after the city walls were knocked down, the park is bordered by El Prado, Zulueta, San José and Neptuno Streets. It is surrounded by significant buildings, such as the Gran Teatro de La Habana; the Inglaterra, Telégrafo, Parque Central and Plaza hotels; the shopping complex known as Manzana de Gómez; and the building devoted to international art of the Museo de Bellas Artes. In the late 18th century, the park was pretty much bare of trees and mostly paved. Trees, fountains and sculptures were added to the park after 1959.”
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“El Capitolio, or the National Capitol Building (Capitolio Nacional de La Habana) is a public edifice and one of the most visited sites in Havana, capital of Cuba. The building was commissioned by Cuban president Gerardo Machado and built from 1926 to 1929 under the direction of Eugenio Rayneri Piedra. It is located on the Paseo del Prado, Dragones, Industria, and San José streets in the exact center of Havana. ”
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Restaurante de comida española
“Big portions of good quality food at reasonable price in a bustling & efficient place.”
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Restaurante cubano
“At the heart of Havana, in the Callejon del Chorro, near the Cathedral, the Doña Eutimia palate mixes the modern and familiar. The restaurant's name is a tribute to Eutimia, a lady who lived across the square and who used to cook for the artists in the Taller Experimental de Grafica artists such as Fabelo, Choco, Nelson Domínguez among others. Those big Cuban artists remember her with much love due to the flavors of her kitchen and the affection with which she always treted them. That's the guideline of our work: to develop a Cuban, homemade, simple and loving food.”
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Administrative Area Level 2
“Old Architecture, warm people, packed with bars and restaurants, a unique place to explore cuban history.”
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Restaurante cubano
“The former president of USA, Barack Obama, chose that place to have dinner with his family ”
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Capitol Building
“I recommend this place cause its location points an important border between colonial and contemporary history. Also, more than one historical place was set here before it was built. Plus, it was the building where the republican governments gave the orders to the whole country. Sit of the Cuban Academy of Sciences for years. And at last, but no least, there's more than one interesting story to hear about characters who spent time there.”
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Bar de tapas
“El Chanchullero is a Tapas Bar in Havana located in Teniente Rey # 457A Bajos e / Bernaza and El Cristo (Plaza del Cristo), Old Havana. Where the fusion of the marvelous real is found, along with music, Cuban and international food and drinks in an unconventional environment.”
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