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Science Museum
“Even Albert Einstein and Napoleon went to visit this museum in Haarlem. Each room hold a different secret, discover them all. ”
Recomendado por 154 habitantes locales
Museo de arte
“A museum featuring the work of famous painter Frans Hals as well as Hendrick Goltzius, Karel van Mander, Jan Porcellis, Salomon van Ruysdael, Nicolaes Berchem and many more...”
Recomendado por 114 habitantes locales
“Haarlem has its own brewery of beer called Jopen beer. It's exported all over the country to a lot of supermarkets and bars. So for a good glass of beer visit this good looking bar. It also displays the big brewery kettles making it a nice place for picture as well! ”
Recomendado por 166 habitantes locales
“You can find all the shops there, even a mall. A great place if you want to go for shopping, way less crowded than Amsterdam. ”
Recomendado por 113 habitantes locales
Foro musical
“Haarlem - Check out their website, the programming might have a nice surprise for you.”
Recomendado por 42 habitantes locales
“Molen De Adriaan (Windmill) ★★★★ Papentorenvest 1A, Haarlem Haarlem’s windmill is famous and not to be missed. Picture perfect setting on the river Spaarne and the sheer size of this windmill ensure that this is one of Haarlem’s most impressive constructions. Inside the windmill all the working parts may be viewed and are explained, from wind to energy. ”
Recomendado por 37 habitantes locales
“The biggest playground in Europe! Great to go with kids. Bring your swimming gear cos when it’s hot there are plenty of water games”
Recomendado por 43 habitantes locales
Galería de arte
“Historic city centre with lots of shops, restaurants, squares, Churches and museums ”
Recomendado por 24 habitantes locales
“You missed out on the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam? Don't worry, we have our own Corrie ten Boom museum in the center of Haarlem, where you can have (English) guided visits in the original house where they kept the jewish families. Reservation recommended. ”
Recomendado por 27 habitantes locales
Bar de vinos
“Stylish wine bar in a historical building. They have some very nice wine tasting concepts starting at 10-12 euro's. ”
Recomendado por 23 habitantes locales
“Best theater of the Netherlands. In summer the filmhouse is running several movies a day. Art House Movies. ”
Recomendado por 14 habitantes locales
“Art-house movies, dance- and theatre performances. The building is designed by a cartoonist and it's a wonderful place to go.”
Recomendado por 19 habitantes locales
“Bar & restaurant with meat-specialities. Recently renovated and really...they've done a good job! Nice terrace too with the view on the Great Market Square and the BAVO church.”
Recomendado por 18 habitantes locales
“This cafe is in a special neighborhood, called de Vijfhoek. With many nice shops, café's, restaurant. Very special atmosphere.”
Recomendado por 24 habitantes locales
“De Hallen Haarlem is the museum for modern and contemporary art in Haarlem. Two times a year, De Hallen Haarlem organises a cluster of exhibitions dealing with current developments in the visual arts. In them, the museum offers a platform for artists from the Netherlands and other countries, with the accent on photography and video art. The large annual summer exhibition at De Hallen Haarlem draws from its own collection of classic modern art and provides viewing pleasure for a wide audience.”
Recomendado por 17 habitantes locales
Sala de conciertos
“The Philharmonie Concert Hall, until 2001 known as the Concert Hall, the concert hall of Haarlem. The building is used for many shows and performances in various music genres and art forms.”
Recomendado por 12 habitantes locales