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Transporte público en Cephalonia

“Kefalonia is an island of incredible beauty, the most charming of the Ionian Islands. The island is so diverse that you will certainly not be able to see everything in one trip. Therefore, many travelers come back here year after year. I will tell you about some amazing corners of Kefalonia that you can visit during your first visit. The famous Myrtos beach: this magical beach is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful in the world. The color of the water strikes with bright shades of blue: from milky blue to dark blue. During the wind, be careful and stay away from water, the sea is very insidious in these places. But the lagoon at this time is an unforgettably gorgeous! The sea is constantly changing color, and the wind draws fantastic patterns on the surface!”
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“Stunning view from the top of the mountain, many paths if you like hiking and Flora and/or fauna in unique natural environment.”
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“This wonderful cave system is situated just off the Argostoli to Sami road to the south of Sami and close to the village of Chaliotata. The cave has been open to tourists since 1963. It is reputedly 40km deep but you cannot explore all of it. There is one large cavern that is about 1,000 square feet and has often hosted concerts and operas due to its fantastic acoustics.”
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Natural Feature
“Melissani underground Lake: this lake is formed by a river that crosses Kefalonia under the ground. Not far from Sami, the river falls into a cave, the dome of which was destroyed many years ago. If you get to Melissani by noon, you can see how sunlight, penetrating the cave, gives water and walls a variety of shades. The view is truly fabulous!”
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“Beautiful beach, lovely little town, the walk up the hill to the ruins may not be worth it.”
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“THE ABSOLUT MUST. Ηidden lake with crystal blue waters inside a cave found in the 50's when the roof collapsed. linked with ancinet greek history as pots of clay dated to antiquity where found in the small island in the center of the cave, dedicated to Melisanthi nymph ( hence the name melissani ).”
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“Antisamos offers a coast with white pebbles and clean, clear water. The beach is well equipped, here you can not only enjoy swimming in the clear waters of the Ionian Sea and admire the surrounding landscapes, but also have a great bite to eat, relax on comfortable sun loungers, sipping a delicious cocktail, juice or cool water.”
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“Makris Gialos (Long beach) is a family friendly sandy beach within walking distance from Argostoli. As the name states, it is truly a very long organized beach with no rocks or pebbles, but with crystal clear waters. The beach has a beach bar-restaurant, Costa-Costa, which organizes several beach parties during summer, and provides the opportunity for various water sport activities. ”
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Natural Feature
“One of the best beaches of Kefalonia. Also you can eat excellent traditional food in tavernas above the beach having stuning view of Petani beach.”
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“Katavothres is a unique place to visit. It serves coffee, operates as a restaurant and a nightclub. You can visit almost anytime and enjoy the high quality services and unique ambience. ”
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“First capital of the island surrounded by high stone walls. perfect views of livatho area. ”
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“The Xi Beach is a well-known, located 8km south of Lixouri. Xi Beach however has no steep cliffs or deep waters like most beaches in Kefalonia. Instead it’s very easy accessible, its water is very shallow and thus more than suitable for children. What makes the Xi Beach so unique and extremely impressive is its reddish color of sand. Because of its clayey composition, one can enjoy a natural and free spa session, as it is said to have cleaning and tightening effects to the skin. The beach is well organized; you will easily find parking, a canteen, a cafeteria and umbrellas. If you like you can also spread out your towels a bit farther to be more private. For water sport lovers, Xi Beach offers a big variety (Jet-Ski, Water-Ski etc.). Η παραλία Ξι , βρίσκεται 8χλμ νότια από το Ληξούρι. Έχειπολύ εύκολη πρόσβαση, το νερό είναι πολύ ρηχό και επομένως περισσότερο κατάλληλο για παιδιά. Αυτό που κάνει την παραλία Xi τόσο μοναδική και εξαιρετικά εντυπωσιακή είναι το κοκκινωπό χρώμα της άμμου. Λόγω της αργιλώδους σύνθεσής του, μπορεί κανείς να απολαύσει μια φυσική και ελεύθερη περιποίηση σπα, καθώς λέγεται ότι έχει καθαρισμό και σύσφιξη στην επιδερμίδα. Η παραλία είναι καλά οργανωμένη. θα βρείτε εύκολα χώρο στάθμευσης, καντίνα, καφετέρια , φαγητό και ομπρέλες. Αν σας αρέσει, μπορείτε επίσης να απλώσετε τις πετσέτες σας λίγο πιο μακριά για να είστε πιο ιδιωτικοί. Για τους λάτρεις του θαλάσσιου αθλήματος,προσφέρει μεγάλη ποικιλία (Jet-Ski, Water-Ski κλπ.).”
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“It's the coolest bar on the island and is located at the central square in Argostoli. (You'll have to drive there or take a cab).”
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“Emplisi beach just outside of Fiskardo is easily accessible, has great swimming and views across to the islands of Lefkas and Meganisi. There is good parking although it does get busy in July and August. A small kiosk sells snacks and ice-cream, and is open during high season. ”
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“The people of Cephalonia honor the death of Saint Gerasimos at the monastery on the 16th August and the restitution of his holy relic on October 20th. On those days, a procession of the saint is taking place. The coffin is moved under the shadow of a plane tree, which was planted by Agios Gerasimos himself. The ceremony is followed by a big festival with music, dancing, food and wine. Opening hours: Monday - Sunday, 7am - 13pm and 3pm - 9pm On Sunday's you can visit also during the Orthodox divie Liturgy. ”
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“Τουριστική περιοχή με πολλά γραφεία ενοικιάσεων αυτοκινήτων και μοτοσυκλετων.”
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