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Place to shop
“Uxmal was one of the greatest Maya cities located near Merida in the state of Yucatan, Mexico, witness of the astronomical skills of the Maya culture.”
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Centro comercial
“En la plaza se encuentra diversidad de restaurantes y tiendas comerciales además del único cine de la ciudad, librerías, cafeterías y más”
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Otros lugares al aire libre
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Sitio histórico
“Campeche cuenta con dos Fuertes y varios baluartes. Este es uno de los dos Fuertes y en su interior se encuentra un museo de cultura maya. Sitio histórico importante ”
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Point of Interest
“This places are special. Cenotes are water rivers under earth that surface in some places. You can dive, snorkle or just swim or relax. Full of clear waters, some have caves. You will be surrounded by nature bathed by the sun.”
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History Museum
“Puede visitarse parte de la antigua muralla, así como un pequeño museo de historia de Campeche.”
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Tienda de artículos de arte y manualidades
“Ofrece una amplia variedad en artesanías y productos de excelente calidad y diseño.”
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Place to shop
“Pyramid in Mayapan, it may take like 2 hours to go around, make sure you get very comfortable clothing and water, it takes more than an hour to get there because the public transportation, sometimes you have to wait to get a bus back home. It's better to hired some one to take you there.”
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“You have to try the "Francis Drake Calamary" and "Pan de Cazon" wich both are some of the best tradicional dishes from Campeche, you will never find them anywhere else.”
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“Lugar tradicional para cenar. Yo te recomiendo : la merienda Campechana, los panuchos preparados, la torta de jamón claveteado y como bebida una rica horchata o refresco con fruta de la temporada. ”
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“Number one on my list of "must sees" to learn the history of the area. Experience the Casa Principal, the Mayan palapa and see how they processed henequin to amass great wealth.”
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“Cuzama 3 Cenotes: Take a horse drawn cart to 3 different Cenotes for a ride that will impress, not to mention the beautiful Cenotes that await you; They are magical. A Cenote is a natural wonder. These are fresh water rivers that run underground, crystal clear, turquoise in colour. The temperature varies, but I would say around 25 Celsius. The sun shines down through the many holes/hole illuminating the area in which you can swim. There are four different kinds of Cenotes, those that are completely underground, those that are semi-underground, those that are at land level like a lake or pond or those that are like going in a well. We have been to a few and love them all.”
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“Todo es muy fresco y de temporada, aunque no muy limpio, es donde la población adquiere sus alimentos.”
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Point of Interest
“Museo y centro cultural que muestra una reproducción de una antigua casa colonial. / A reproduction of a typical old colonnial house. It is also a cultural center, with concerts and some shows.”
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“Hermoso fuerte de San Miguel, adentro un museo. Y por la tarde la mejor vista Del Mar y atardeceres ”
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Point of Interest
“Abierto de martes a domingo, 08:00 a 17:00. Los domingos la entrada es gratuita a turistas nacionales. / Open from tuesday to sunday, 08:00 to 17:00, $60 mexican pesos approx. p/p.”
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