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Los mejores servicios públicos recomendados por gente local

“one of my favorite places to visit to stay away from the city noise. the gardens are calm and inspiring. A wonderful time to relax, admire, and learn. Highly recommended!”
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“One of the most beloved presidents, it is a must see for history buffs because it is within an hour or so of the Ericson House. It also is a spectacular presidential library. ”
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“M-F 8AM-5PM, Sa-Su 10AM-4:30PM. Guided tours, M-Sa 2pm and M, Tu, F 10:30am. Built in 1929 and the grandest building in the town. A working courthouse, this Spanish-Moorish castle has frescoes, murals and Tunisian tilework. The El Mirador Bell Tower provides great views of the city and the bay. The grounds contain a collection of palms and specimen trees from more than 25 countries and a printed guide to the plants is available. Free.”
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Golf Driving Range
“Yelp 5 star review: Super fun place to test out your golfing skills! A nice addition to the Vegas strip since it provides an extra alternative to gambling or dayclubbing in 100 degree heat in the summer. Uber would be easiest to get here, but they have shuttles running from MGM also. If you're concerned about hourly rates, it's best to check their rates schedule. Weekdays before noon are cheapest for the first 2 floors. We arrived on a Thursday at 11:30am. They said it would be a 30 minute wait for the first 2 floors, or we could go up to the top floor. It would've been the same price anyway so up we went. The top floor is nicer anyway because there are no kids, and the view is better. We got stationed at one of the bays on the very end, so it was a weird angle to play at. The actual golfing was fun though! They have all kinds of clubs for you to use. There are different types of games also, but we just stuck with the basic one. Our first hour went by super fast because no one had golfed before so we took forever. We added an extra hour, which I thought was a bit overkill. I started getting really tired of golf by 90 min, but did enjoy watching others hit and cheering them on. They have an extensive menu if you want to order drinks or food. There is also a pool and cornhole in the non golfing areas. The price isn't too bad if you're mindful. Extra hours, food, and drinks could make your final bill very large. But if you're in Vegas, you're probably willing to splurge for a good time!”
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“Several great restaurants to choose from all within a short walk of each other. ”
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“local pharmacy where you can find toiletries, make-up, snacks, and drinks (alcohol too). ”
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“Richard Nixon's family was a well-established Quaker family in Whittier. The Nixon Library and Museum tells the story of Nixon's childhood, young adulthood, entrance into politics, political career and downfall very well. It is a must-see for history buffs. After visiting the Museum, visit the places in Whittier where Nixon went to high school, college, church and where he worked. ”
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“Amazing ambience, pretty quiet and relaxing, good for meditation. I loved the gorgeous rose garden and the lake.”
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“Forgot your deoderant??? No problem! Walgreens is just a short trek away. And this isn't any walgreens, its a SUPER Walgreens. They have everything you need. ”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Any grocery supplies you need you will find at Pioneer Market. Just around the corner and down across the street. Just a 5 minute walk down and a 10 minute walk up.”
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“A significant architectural building and landmark in Pasadena completed in 1927”
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“ Drugstore chain selling a variety of beauty & health products, plus some grocery & household items.”
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“This CVS Pharmacy is a big drugstore where you can find all the hygiene and household products you need.”
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“Well obviously it is part of nature but you might feel something very special about this place.”
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Atletismo y otros deportes
“Located in downtown Joshua Tree at The Starlite. Joshua Tree's landmark ironclad buildings, topped with a classic, retro star sign. Instant Karma has the perfect yoga class for you, whether you have practiced yoga for many years or have never tried yoga. Join the 15.8 million people who have found the benefits of yoga. Which include, lower stress, reduced back pain, increased flexibility, strength and better heart and lung function. ”
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Local Government Office
“Take a tour of the capital. It is free and so much to learn about the history of our great state.”
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