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Best things to do in Batumi

Shopping Plaza
“There is a big grocery shop on the first floor, clothes, jewelry and furniture on the 2nd and 3rd floor, and 24/7 modern gym on the 4th floor. Also on the 4th floor is nice game area for kids.”
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“Batumi Boulevard is one of the main attractions for the town’s visitors. The wide boulevard follows the seaside and is full of beach bars, café-lounges, restaurants, amusement rides for children and various colorful and dancing fountains. In addition to unique vegetation, you will find in Batumi Boulevard many interesting sculptures and architectural monuments. Batumi Boulevard has a history of over a century. Its construction began in 1881. Its creation was the idea of Batumi district governor Mekalov, who commissioned the coastal boulevard to be built to a famous Prussian gardener named Reseller. Later, the planned development of the boulevard was handed over to a French gardener and designer invited to Georgia, Mikheil d’Alphonse, who is referred to in historical records as the “Kind Genie of Batumi Seaside”. The development of the boulevard also owes much to Gordeziani, who studied in France and was appointed the manager of the City Park Boulevard in 1917. The first colorful dancing fountains of the Boulevard have been functioning since 1977. In 2009, the length of the Boulevard was significantly increased and now reaches 7 kilometers. The so-called New Boulevard was designed by a Spanish architect and built in accordance with the latest standards.”
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“Founded in 1881, the country's oldest park includes a zoo & dolphinarium, plus kids' rides & a lake.”
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“Locals say that the most delicious Adjarian Khachapuri can be eaten in this restaurant. Prices are good. Environment is normal. ”
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“Marine animal park with daily dolphin shows, swim-with-dolphin experiences & a small aquarium.”
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“Watch the extraordinary performance of dolphins in Batumi dolphinarium. The building constructed in 1974 was amongst the world’s largest dolphinariums. Today it stands as the representative of the modern design and cutting-edge technologies that provide artificial conditions for accommodating animals. Most importantly, it offers remarkable shows. The aquarium amphitheatre takes in 703 spectators. Dolphin show program is educational and takes place in any weather. In the performance which is given in Georgian, English and Russian languages, eight dolphins participate – Kako, Monika, Zoro, Maia, Belucci, Nini, Cici and her daughter Olympia. They all entertain the spectators and present up to 30 stunts, three dance performances with rings, balls, tail-walking, unforgettable foot-push and many other impressive moves. Do not miss out on spending some time in the company of these intelligent and affectionate creatures.”
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Sitio histórico
“Gonio fortresstThe oldest fortress of Georgia – the Gonio Fortress (or the Gonio-Apsaros Fortress) occupying the territory of 4,5 ha is situated in village of Gonio in Adjara, 15 km from Batumi city. The fortress history amounts to several millenniums.”
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Cultural Center
“Heritage museum with various artifacts & exhibits tracing the region's natural & social history.”
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“Numerous attractions, four pools of different sizes and cafes will serve you during hot Summer days. Besides, entertaining show programs are held every week in the entertaining centre.”
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“днем здесь можно весело провести время у бассейна. Всегда работает ди-джей и бар.”
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Restaurante mediterráneo
“This restaurant is located on the sea. You can enjoy relaxing with the sea breeze. Address : Rustaveli str. 34, Seafront Promenade, Batumi Ratings : Atmosphere ◼◼◼◼◻ Food quality for price ◼◼◼ Service ◼◼◼◼◻”
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Restaurante alemán
“national food and also many others you can taste here famous mountain food named khinkali ”
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“One of the most beautiful building in town, with lot on nice cafe and restaurants”
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Restaurante de comida rápida
“This McDonald 's architectural design is unique and stylish, making it one of the world' s best. Some just come to Batumi to see this McDonald's. Hamburger prices are higher than Georgian prices. Address : 9 Sherif Khimshiashvili St, Batumi Atmosphere ◼◼◼◼◼ Food quality for price ◼◼◼◻ Service ◼◼◼◼◻”
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Restaurante alemán
“Munich in old town is one of the casual and good place to have dinner and fun and listen live music (check it out before you go) Merab Kostava St, Batumi 6000.”
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Edificio residencial (departamentos / condominios)
“разнообразные магазины с одеждой, обувь, оптика, ювелирные изделия, косметика, парфюмерия, есть большой супермаркет внутри”
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