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Desde lugares emblemáticos hasta rincones especiales escondidos, descubre qué hace única a la ciudad con la ayuda de la gente local que mejor la conoce.
Amusement Park
“If you're looking for a fun day out with the family Waterbom Park is it. It has super fun rides, a great kids playground a huge pool and lots of yummy food. It is a really great family experience for your holiday in Bali!”
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“One of the first ones to settle here, from veggie to nice mexican and burgers, a bit of everything and all delicious”
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“Jenja Bar & Club is open for the cosmopolite, the traveler and music lover who's in for a whole new experience of nightlife in Bali. Jenja presents a one-stop evening entertainment realm on two levels. Open from 8 pm on Wednesdays till Saturdays, Jenja Foyer offers a superbly atmospheric scene for everyone to enjoy. Expertly curated tunes are spun by various different international and local DJs each night from 9 pm. Jenja Foyer comprises of six very comfortable and spacious lounge areas and one VIP lounge area in an environment that will entertain and relax simultaneously. The experienced staff will ensure a smoothly run evening and will provide second to none hospitality all night. Jenja's main room is located downstairs from Foyer, also featuring impressive wall decor comprising mosaic of dragon scale motifs made up of hexagonal cut stones. DJs rev up with their gigs downstairs; the dance floor and state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems liven up the scene for a truly memorable night out. The club is open from Wednesday through the weekends just 21 minutes by motor bike from Canggu Dream Village Hotel.”
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“As mentioned before, Sky Garden is the most well-known and largest club in Bali. With 8 pubs and clubs under 1 roof, SkyGarden Bali is your one stop shop for good food, beverage and entertainment. The club is not for everyone but if you are big on partying and seeing the real Kuta night life, this may be a great place to visit. They have world famous DJs playing weekly. Do expect an entrance fee and be cautious when visiting the club and Kuta at night, as there are a lot of strange characters around there during the night time. ”
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“The most sacred beach for cerimonies. Great for surf beginers and experts. Amazing for chill out. Easy access.”
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“Located strategically in the busy and popular Ubud, Tegalalang Rice Terraces offers their beautiful scenes of rice paddies. The terraces alone offer such a scenic outlook to those who visit them, showing the beautiful rice paddies on the slopes across the valley. The scenery and lush trees are perfect for those of you who are eager for an adventure or those who are keen to relax and take a breath of fresh air away from your daily lives at home. Definitely a place worth to make making memories!”
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“The most popular place for breakfast, dinner and lunch with great atmosphere”
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“Puncak Tedung Temple located in an area of Banjar Kertha, Petang Village about 51 km from I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport and at an altitude of 730, 77 meters above sea levels. According to the history, when a Hindu Priest Dang Hyang Nirartha traveled from Pulaki to the eastern part of Bali, he was resting on the top of a plateau in Petang Village. When he continued his journey, he left behind his umbrella at the retreat. The Umbrella left by him was seen by the local community in the evening glowing and having magical powers so that the King of Mengwi at that time ordered the local people to build a shrine in the form of three Storey Meru as a respect for the merit of Dang Hyang Nirartha. Then the top of the hill was named Puncak Tedung queue scenery of Eastern, Western as well as Southern part of Bali is outspread. It's a perfect place for those who love to look for inspiration, meditation in the peace of nature and just 17 minutes by motor bike from Canggu Dream Village Hotel.”
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Natural Feature
“Tourists favorite. An amazing beautiful small beach, great for swim and first time surfers. ”
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Restaurante indonesio
“I loved this place because they have variety option menu and preferred come at day for the rice field view.”
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“One of the most famous French bakery in Bali. Delicious breakfast or cakes French style.”
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Balinese Restaurant
“Pandawa beach (or Pandava beach) is located at Badung - South Kuta tourist region and one of the many beaches in Bali. In the past, this beach is well known to be one of the regions secret beaches because of the location behind a mountainous area that secluded its location to the unknown. Pandawa beach is surrounded by two cliffs with one of them, carved into the cliff face the statues of the Pandavas and the Kunti goddess. The six statues from top to bottom are Kunti, Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula, and Sahadeva. The beach is well known as a tourist attraction and its water sport use but it is also known as a seaweed algaculture farm. It has a shallow long beach face that is suitable for farming seaweed by the locals. Water sports are also a favorite pass time for tourist at the beach. Surfing is not ideal at the beach although many other sports are known to be favored like beach volley, jet skiing, and paragliding from Timbis cliff to the beach.”
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“Dreamland Beach is one of the ‘hidden’ beaches of Bali, offering stretches of white sand secluded by limestone cliffs that line the rugged coastline of the southern Bukit Peninsula. The beach became highly accessible with the development of the Pecatu Graha and Pecatu Indah Resort projects that, at the turn of the millennium, transformed 400 hectares of hilly terrain into ‘New Kuta’, with Klapa Beach Club, resorts and the New Kuta Golf course.Despite rampant development over its limestone landscape, Dreamland Beach retains much of its rugged charm on the sand, particularly for beachgoers, day-trippers and surfers. You can enjoy some of Bali’s best reef breaks near the shore and close paddle outs to the neighbouring world-class reef breaks, namely Balangan up north and Impossibles down south (both for advanced riders). On the sand, you can rent deck chairs and parasols, and enjoy a cheap massage from around Rp 50,000 to Rp 100,000. Hard bargaining is advised. Much of the local warung food stall scene of yesteryear is gone, but some small shops can be found and beach peddlers offering cold soft drinks and Bintangs still roam around. Expect the westerly winds of the wet season (usually between October through April) to bring in some flotsam and jetsam, as well as the common crowds over the local holidays and mid-year school breaks. Some sections of the beach are swimmable, but the currents are strong further out. Stick around until the end of the day for dramatic sunsets. ”
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Delicatessen y bodega
“If you are holidaying in Canggu and are craving some food from back home in Australia, then the best place towhead to is Canggu Station. This supermarket / deli is the go to place for everything you will ever need to stock up your villa with all the supplies you will ever need to keep the troops happy. It has fresh fruit, veggies, meats, cheeses, cereals, cold cuts, alcohol, pastries, cakes, fish, cold cuts, bikkies, it’s fair share of junk food and much much more. Basically, anything you could possibly want can be found here at the Canggu station. The beauty of this place is that it caters for the ex pat and tourist community so you are going to be able to buy things from home that you possibly can’t find anywhere else in Bali. Items such as Weet Bix & Vegemite just to name a few. The location is really convenient as well. It’s right next to the Finns Recreation Club so if you happen to be staying in one of our luxury villa accommodation in Canggu, Berawa or Batu Belig you are probably going to end up coming here. It’s perfectly located in the centre of most things so if you suddenly feel that you have run out of something or you need some ingredients or booze for that last minute dinner party then it’s so easy to hop on the scooter and get down there. You will see lots of westerners dressed like they have just got out of the pool browsing the aisles stocking up for the big lunch or dinner ahead. They do accept credit card also so there’s no need to be carrying large wads of cash around with you and we all known how difficult managing millions of Rupiah can be. They also have a pharmaceutical section where you can get some very basic supplies including sun tan creams and first aid supplies. It’s a hive of activity the whole day as ex pats come in and out buying goodies to take back to the villa. There is also an ATM machine nearby to get cash out if you need it. Canggu station is also ideally located as nearby you have an Italian restaurant as well as a fully stocked pharmacy. There is also ample parking outside for your scooter or car. Most ex pats living close by will have their staff do the grocery shopping but if you are like most people and are a holiday maker your going to have to come down here by yourself and somehow manage to get the supplies back to your hotel or villa. Taxis are ideal but if your on a rental scooter just don’t expect to come out of there with bags of groceries fully laden. Most people that come here think of it as a one stop shop. They come in and leave which is pretty normal considering it’s just a supermarket but next time your here take the time to have a look around the area and you will be pleasantly surprised to see that there are many other places to shop and eat at all within walking distance. Address: Jl. Pantai Berawa No.8, Tibubeneng, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali”
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Hindu Temple
“Imagine the image of a Balinese temple (pura) perched high on the rock, facing the wide open ocean. With the crashing waves below and the dramatic colors of the dusk sky as background, lit by the slowly disappearing sun. Tanah Lot is located in Tabanan, only around 30 km away from Denpasar. The temple is located some 300 meters offshore. The history of Tanah Lot temple was believed to date back to the 16th century, by Dang Hyang Nirartha, a respected religious figure in Bali. Dang Hyang Nirartha was said to be the one who created a three-temple system in Balinese villages. Setting the site plan that the temple built in the northern area of the village would be for Brahma, middle area for Vishnu and the southern side for Shiva. While traveling along the southern coast of Bali, he saw the little rock-island and decided to spend the night. The rock was known as Gili Beo, which means a bird-shaped rock, located in Beraban village. He then felt an enlightenment, that this was a holy place to build a shrine. The leader of Beraban was angry and order people to banish Nirartha from Gili Beo just 22 minutes by motor bike from Canggu Dream Village Hotel.”
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“Good place where you can buy clothes, and souvenirs for family or relatives and negotiable ”
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