Feeling samurai soul

Experiencia: espectáculos
Anfitrión: Yusuke
El anfitrión de esta experiencia
2 horas en total
Refrigerios, Bebidas y Equipamiento.
Disponible en Inglés y Japonés
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There are only a few spots left. Join 5 others at Yusuke’s experience next Martes.
Acerca de Yusuke, el anfitrión
I am a performer who uses Japanese swords to express the heart of ancient Japanese tradition, something that cannot be found in museums or TV and web. My Passion is spreading the real spirits of samurai to the world. I have practiced swordsmanship for 12 years and have performed this activity at various shrines, temples, museum, some event venues. I also perform various Japanese style one of bambo…
Qué haremos
First you'll change the clothes into "kimono" and "hakama" is samurai style. Introducing with Matcha green tea and Wagashi. Next we'll watch a real Japanese katana—a traditional sword used by the samurai of ancient and feudal Japan. Then you'll learn how to handle it with unsharpened katana. We'll also do a traditional Zen meditation.It called "Rituzen". After doing meditation, you will be …
Qué incluiré
Matcha tea 󲀃
Kimono, hakama & katana. 󳀁
Japanese traditional style kimono&hakama. Unsharpened katana for plactice of handling. You can choose your favorite one!

Wagashi sweets 󴀁
Please let me know if you have any allergies.
Requisitos de edad
La edad mínima para participar son 10 años. Los participantes también pueden traer a sus hijos menores de 2 años.
Please be prepared for a serious experience involving concentration and real swords. Please do not drink alcohol. Please come to the venue about 20minutes before meeting up time for wearing kimono.
Dónde estaremos
The venue is an old Japanese house. It's located near the Skytree, you can also reach at there 20minuites by a walk. We are learning about katana was made 200years ago, and leaning how to handle, how to slash, how to pose. After learning, we'll do a meditation, and doing "Tameshi girl" is cutting bundle of straw. It's like a Zenworld, it is combination with your mind, body and a sharp katana. You may feel the samurai,outer and inner of yourself.
$77 por persona
Es posible que los precios varíen dependiendo de la fecha que selecciones.